Appendix 4: Pipelines Reference

Here are the content pipelines that come with PieCrust by default.

Page pipeline

  • Type: page

  • Configuration settings:

  • site/pretty_urls: Whether to bake pages using a “pretty URL” path, i.e. a path with no visible .html suffix. Defaults to false.
  • baker/no_bake_setting: The name of a setting to look for in a page, to see if that page should be excluded from a bake. If that setting is found, and is true, then the page is ignored. Defaults to draft.

Asset pipeline

  • Type: asset

  • Configuration settings:

  • site/SOURCE/processors: Filters the asset processors to be used for content source SOURCE. See below.

Processor filtering

Using the website configuration, it’s possible to filter which asset processors can be used for a given content source.

Filtering should be done with a list of processor names or patterns. Valid processor names can be found in the asset processor reference page. Also:

  • all: means all processors. This is useful to start with all processors and exclude just a few.
  • PROCNAME: include processor PROCNAME.
  • -PROCNAME: exclude processor PROCNAME.