Website Configuration

A PieCrust website can be configured by editing the config.yml file. This file uses the YAML syntax, which should be mostly straightforward:

    title: My Fancy Blog
    author: Ludovic
    pretty_urls: true
    posts_per_page: 10
    something: foo
    whatever: blah

The above example defines two sections, site and myblog, with a bunch of settings inside them. Sections can be nested at will, and settings can also be defined at the root level. YAML is clever enough to convert things properly, like true and false being converted to boolean values, or numbers being treated as such.

Sometimes you may want to use some special characters like & or ', which are used for advanced things in YAML. If that ever causes some YAML parsing errors, just add double quotes around the setting.

By convention, PieCrust’s core systems only look for settings in the site section. Other settings, like formatter or template engine specific settings, will be found in other sections.

You can see all the available settings on the website configuration reference page