Page Configuration

Each page can have a configuration header at the top of the file, which is used to both customize various aspects of the page, and define metadata on the page.

The configuration header must come first in the page’s file, and will be enclosed between 2 lines with 3 dashes:

config: goes here
text goes here

The configuration header, just like the website configuration, is written in YAML.

For example, the most common pieces of metadata to set on a page are the page’s title, and the layout template to use for it:

title: Rhubarb Pie Recipe
layout: recipe
<recipe goes here>

You can see all the available settings on the page configuration reference page, but you will probably also set lots of custom metadata on your pages. The title setting is actually not used by PieCrust itself, but it’s a very common one, and it’s used by the default theme.