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General Support

If you have a problem with PieCrust, there are a few ways to solve it:

Upgrading PieCrust

Version 2 to 3

Several things have changed between version 2 and 3, and some of them introduce breaking changes.

Generated page templates

Previously, taxonomy listing pages had their template defined as a page with a special name. For instance, tag lists were by default defined by pages/_tag.html.

Now those page templates are proper templates, found in the templates directory (or other if you changed that). The tag list is now templates/_tag.html for instance.

In general, you should only have to move your template for the pages folder to the templates folder.


There is no more generators in the website configuration – everything is a content source. If you had custom generators in their, you will need to re-declare them as standard sources.

For example, a new taxonomy source would be defined like this:

      type: taxonomy
      taxonomy: tags
      source: posts

In this example, tags is a taxonomy declared the same way as previously inside site/taxonomies, and posts is a normal page source declared also in the same way as previously.