PieCrust is a static website generator and flat-file CMS. No complex setup, databases, or administrative panels – it’s all text files. Simple, beautiful, and yummy.

Chef's Features

Store in the cellar

Because all your site’s content and configuration is stored in simple text files, it fits nicely in a revision control system like Git or Mercurial. It’s not only more practical, but also safer!

Serve on the counter

Although it can run a flat-file CMS, PieCrust is designed as a static website generator. This means it can “bake” your website into simple HTML files that you can publish with a minimum of resources on your server. A sudden spike of visitors can’t crash your MySQL database when you don’t need one!

Familiar ingredients

PieCrust uses all the ingredients you already like, such as Markdown and Textile for formatting, or Jinja2 and Mustache for templating.

Fully functioning oven

PieCrust comes out-of-the-box with an asset processing pipeline, capable of handling most of your files – Less/Sass processing, CSS and JS minification, concatenation, and more.

Super-fast service

Because PieCrust is also designed as a lightweight (flat-file) CMS, it can render your pages in less than a few milliseconds in most cases. It means that previewing or generating your website is super fast!

A La Carte Content

PieCrust comes with a powerful system of page sources, routes, and taxonomies. This means you can completely customize how you want to author your content, and how it gets exposed.

Get Started Now

You can follow the detailed instructions on the Getting Started page, or, if you’re already experienced in the culinary arts:

virtualenv pcenv
<activate pcenv>
pip install piecrust --pre
chef init mynewwebsite
cd mynewwebsite
chef prepare post my-first-post
chef serve
chef bake