Wikked is a wiki engine that stores its data in plain text files using a common revision control system like Mercurial or Git. It’s mostly suitable for an individual, family, or small team.

The source code is available on Github and BitBucket.


Install Wikked using Python 3.4 or later and pip:

pip install --pre wikked

Let’s create a new wiki:

wk init mywiki

This will create a new directory called mywiki with some basic files in it. It will also initialize a Mercurial repository in it.

Now let’s get in there and run it:

cd mywiki
wk runserver

You should now be able to open your favorite web browser and go to localhost:5000. If you see the main page of your wiki, congratulations! Otherwise, something went wrong. If you found a bug make sure to file a report about it.